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Updated: Apr 29


The Firearms Coalition of Colorado

04-25-2024 Legislative Alert

(Bills listed by Number.  Contact your Legislator in relevant chamber.  Only urgent bills listed.) 

HB24-1174, Concealed Carry Permits and Training, Reps. Duran and Snyder, Sen. Mullica.  This bill will make it harder to get a concealed carry permit and requires that instructors be certified by the County Sheriff.  This bill is on its way to the Governor.  Contact Governor Polis to request a veto. 

HB24-1270, Firearm Liability Insurance, Reps. Woodrow and Jodeh, Sen. Hansen.  This measure requires all gun owners to maintain gun liability insurance.  This is another way to track owners of firearms.  Bill up in Senate on Second Reading on Monday, 04-29-2024.  Contact your Senator to oppose.

HB24-1292, Semi-auto Ban, Reps. Hernandez, and Epps, et. al., Sen. Gonzales.  Bill bans manufacturing, importation, sale or transfer of many semi-auto long guns and pistols.  Bill pending in Senate State Affairs Committee.  Contact your Senator to oppose this dangerous bill.

HB24-1348, Secure Firearm Storage in a Vehicle, Reps. Velasco and Garcia, Sens. Jaques Lewis, and Fields.  The bill requires locked storage of a firearm in an unattended vehicle in a case out of sight.  This bill will make it hard to safely carry concealed.  Bill going to conference committee to discuss Senate amendments to the House bill.  We oppose.  Contact your Senator and Representative. 

HB24-1349, Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax, Reps. Duran and Froelich, Sens. Hansen and Buckner.  This November ballot measure levies a 9% tax on guns, ammo, and firearm "precursor parts,” in addition to the 11% Pittman-Robertson Federal tax.  Bill pending in Senate Finance Committee.  We oppose this bill.  Contact your Senator.

HB24-1353, Firearms Dealer Requirements and Permit, Reps. Sirota and Bosenecker, Sen. Bridges.  The bill adds a redundant state layer of bureaucracy and complexity to current federal rules and regulations.  Bill pending in Senate Finance Committee.  Contact Senator to oppose.

SB24-003, Authority of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to Investigate Illegal Activity Involving Firearms, Sen. Sullivan, Rep. Froelich.  Bill creates a state gun police force.  The bill is up in the House on Second Reading on Friday, 04-26-2024.  Contact your Representative to oppose.

SB24-066, Requirement that Certain Businesses with Relationships with Firearms Merchants Use the Appropriate Merchant Category Code, Sen. Sullivan, Rep. Froelich.  This measure flags credit card transactions with local gun dealers.  Passed House on Third Reading.  Bill goes to Governor. Ask Governor to veto.

SB24-131, Prohibit Carrying Firearms in Sensitive Places, Sens. Jaquez-Lewis and Kolker, Reps.   Brown, Lindsay, and Froelich.  This bill bans concealed carry on college campuses.  Bill up in House on Second Reading on Friday, 04-26-2024.  Contact your Representative to oppose.  

To reach your Senator, call: 303-866-2316.  To reach your Representative, call: 303-866-2904.  You can locate your elected officials on the State Web Site at:

Email the Governor:   Call the Governor’s Office at 303-866-2471.

Follow us at:  (You must sign on to join this group.)   

The Firearms Coalition of Colorado is an NRA Grassroots Affiliate.  Please join or contribute.  Individual memberships are still $25 per year. Send check or money order to:

The Firearms Coalition of Colorado, PO Box 1454, Englewood, CO 80150-1454. 

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