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Crossbreed Gun Belt Review

Recently, one of our staff members tried out the Crossbreed Western Gun Belt.

This is her review.

"I wear a gun every single day here at work. I was using just a regular leather belt and was consistently uncomfortable- no matter the holster. When I got the Crossbreed Western Gun belt, I put it on immediately and noticed the difference right away. This belt is very comfortable and makes wearing a gun enjoyable. I don't even notice it's on. Even as just a belt with no gun, I really like how the belt feels and looks. I like it even over the regular belts I have. This will be my daily "go-to", gun or not. I wanted something a bit more fashionable but still really functional. This does both. Ladies- if you aren't wear a gun belt to carry, you're missing out big time!" Alex Redford Marketing Manager The Gun Room

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