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Our Gunsmithing Services

Colorado Gunsmith

As Denver’s oldest gun store, know the industry well.  It shows in our 1000 gun collection and in our gunsmithing services.  We provide superior gunsmithing services by a professional,  in-house gunsmith.  Quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service is our top priority.  

Our professional gunsmith is educated and trained in repairing, modifying, or restoring firearms.  We work on handguns and long guns and will happily work on your project no matter how big or small.

Service Details

  • Repair/ Maintenance – We  disassemble, clean, safety check, oil,  reassemble, and test fire your firearm.

  •  Restoration – If you are looking to restore a firearm, our gunsmith will return your gun to you in its original state or restored to your specifications.  

  • Firearm Design and Customization – Our firearm knowledge allows us collaborate with you to customize your gun to fit you and your needs best.  Our gunsmith also offers custom trigger work, sight installation, along with custom builds.

  • Other Gunsmithing Services – We also offer scope mounting, bore-sighting, recoil pad installation, re-barreling, and firearm appraisals. 

To speak with our gunsmith, please call 303.237.1300 and ask for Luke

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