Retooled Defense Training

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Our Mission

Due to increased acts of violence here in the United States and around the world, Retooled Defense Training (RDT) was created to equip well intentioned people with basic to advanced physical, mental and spiritual training, using highly selective distinguished instructors with specialized military skill sets.

What We Teach

Throughout the course we will teach the Christian’s appropriate mindset and touch on the other realms of conflict (mental and spiritual). Participants will gain valuable wisdom and insights in the areas of situation awareness, threat avoidance and threat assessment, and if needed; how to engage with swift, effective and decisive action.

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Our Instructors 

Our master instructors have nearly 100 years of combined military and private sector experience ranging from former Army Special Forces Operators, Navy SEAL and CIA Operatives! They have taught for decades and are subject matter experts in martial arts, hand to hand training, firearms, improvised weapons, weapons of opportunity, verbal dissuasion, counter surveillance with insights and solutions in critical life threatening situations, backed by real life experience.