A special, modified Retooled Defense Training Glock, 9mm for your self defense needs

RDT Glock 9mm

  • The RDT Glock 9mm has been modified to accommodate all people of different sizes as it can be used by small and petite females as well as large alpha males.


    The RDT Glock 9mm sights have been uniquely designed for low light and quick acquisition in close quarter combat situations. 


    Note: The slide release has been removed for 3 reasons. 


    1) The weapon is now more reliable by eradicating accident slide lock.

    2) It trains both beginner and intermediate shooters to recognize when the firearm is out of ammunition.

    3) It creates muscle memory for advanced training when using the firearm as a striking tool.


    The most frequently asked question about this modification.

    "how do you lock the slide back" 



    Insert an empty magazine and rack the slide.